Trail Running films

This page contains a collection of short trail running films, documentaries and videos I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’ll be updating this list as I go with new ultra running films, mountain running documentaries, and trail running videos as I go along.

With time so scarce, I do tend to enjoy the shorter films and documentaries more as I can get through them easily in one sitting. However, there are some excellent longer full featured films in the list below too.

Trail Running Short Films and Videos

Occasionally I’ll throw together a short video or film using footage from my trail runs. Here are some links:

Running the Mountains – The Mountain Giveth and Taketh – Mountain Running and the give and take relationship in terms of effort versus reward we have with the mountains.

Why Trail Run? – A short mini-film about what makes trail running so great

Good vibes Summer trail running – A short video with some local trail running – Summer time, good weather, all round good vibes!

And into the forest I go… A mix of trails and runs in local woodland and forest. My aim with this video was to show how trail running can be a peaceful, meditative and ultimately, transformative experience.

Trail running inspiration – a couple of trail runs in the snow and ice, filmed in South East England during the Winter of early 2021. I edited these down into a short and inspirational mix of sights and sounds. Perfect if you’re looking for a bit of motivation to get out there, no matter what the conditions.

Chill Trail Running Sessions – 12 minutes of trail running video in the heart of the English countryside during Summer, accompanied by some relaxing beats.

YouTube favourites

  • Kelp And Fern: RUNNING AGAINST ALL ODDS – Gordon Hughes & The Happy Runner Run the Lon Las Cymru Ultra Marathon (1h 54m)
    • A brilliant film covering two runner’s joint attempt to run the length of Wales (253miles/407km) in under 88 hours during the Lon Las Cymru ultra running event.
  • Wes Plate: Moab 240 – 2019 (44m)
    • An epic, multi-day coverage of the Moab 240 by Wes Plate. Previously he had run 100 mile trail runs, so this was a massive step up and an extremely challenging undertaking.
  • Beau Miles: Run the Line: Retracing 43km of hidden railway (23m)
    • A brilliant trail running video which provides a bit of history and backstory about an old railway line that exists in small parts around Beau’s home town. The line has been built over and reclaimed by nature in many parts. He runs the line as accurately as possible dressed as an old train driver and carrying a shovel (to remove Blackberry bushes in the way).
  • Beau Miles: The Human Bean: 40 days on a tin-bean diet (26m)
    • This one is a little different, but fun. Beau eats nothing else but tinned beans for 40 days (roughly his own body weight in beans). He then proceeds to run an ultramarathon at the end of it all. The backstory comes from Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck, and a part of this where a poor family’s kids eat an almost exclusive bean diet. Despite this, they are found to be surprisingly healthy.
  • Ben Seymour: Worlds Toughest Ultra Marathon – 250km Atacama Crossing – Ben Seymour X Under Armour AU (17m)
    • Ben takes on the Atacama Desert in Chile, in this 250 km race across hot and extremely inhospitable terrain. Spoiler alert: he ends up cutting holes in the fronts of his shoes to overcome a shoe problem.
  • Billy Yang Films: THE WHY | Running 100 Miles (29m)
    • A short trail running film that attempts to answer the question “Why run 100 miles?” Lots of interesting insights and questions arise in this documentary along with the expected highs and lows of running such an incredible distance.
  • Karel Subbe: Out There – A Journey to the Barkley Marathons (53m)
    • Another gruelling Barkley Marathons related short film. Interesting experience and story from the Belgian ultrarunner Karel Sabbe as he attempts to complete the 5 x 20 mile loops in under 60 hours.

Other platform films

  • Breaking 60: Challenging the Impossible – a brilliant film that covers a bunch of different trail ultra runners from different backgrounds attempting to complete Hong Kong’s four ultra trails in under 60 hours. They must do this all completely self-supported. This is an excellent watch and really opens your eyes to the beauty of Hong Kong’s trails.
  • The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young – This one doesn’t need much introduction if you’re a fan of trail running films. Although, if you haven’t heard or seen anything about this totally unique and intriguing race, then this is definitely worth watching. The race has had very few finishers over the years and has some very interesting and unique elements. The course always changes each year. Participants must collect pages from books hidden along the course to prove they have followed it. Another peculiar fact: the entry fee is $1.60.

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