Naked Running Band Review

The Naked Running Band is a snug fitting carry pack with just over 2l of carrying capacity. It has a surprising number of features for something so simple. I have found that it is an extremely useful bit of running kit.

Whether out for a short run, or an ultra marathon, I have found the Naked running band to be a useful companion.

I have three primary uses for it:

  • Carrying capacity for shorter runs, or additional carrying capacity on longer runs
  • Weight distribution
  • Easy access to phone and/or sustenance

Naked Running Band features

The Naked Running band is designed to carry your essential items and gear during runs. The belt has about 2 liters of capacity, which wraps all the way around the inside of the belt.

There is a small plastic clip inside that can be used to attach your keys or key fob to ensure that you definitely don’t lose them.

The inner pocket section of the belt is stretchy enough to also hold a smartphone. I have a fairly wide OnePlus phone and it fits easily enough in the belt. This gives me easy access when running.

naked running band with cell phone
Wider phones are a bit more of a squeeze, but they still fit comfortably and are held secure.

I have already used it for two ultra marathons, carrying easy to access food such as snack and snickers bars, chewy sweets for quick shots of energy, and my mobile phone. I also stash a ziplock bag of tailwind powder to make re-filling my running flasks easier at checkpoints.

The running band has two stretchy (and grippy) loops at the back which can fit things like a rolled up running towel or your trekking poles. I have tested my Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z trekking poles for fit, and they are held nice and securely.

Finally, there are two small toggles on stretchy elastic at the front which can be easily removed so you can attach your running bib. I have not personally tried this yet, but it would seem to make attaching your running bib a lot easier. I’m not so sure I would only trust the two toggles to hold though. I would still add safety pins to be sure it stays on, especially on windy days.

Is the Naked Running Band worth it?

I would say that yes, the Naked Running Band is worth getting. It’s useful for short runs, useful for long runs, and it can hold a bunch of things you need on runs in an easy to access location.

4 thoughts on “Naked Running Band Review”

  1. Very cool!
    I have a similar band called Flipbelt. It’s over 10 years old and not as sophisticated as yours. It’s also not very “grippy” and as a result, it keeps sliding around my waist.

    Maybe time to replace it with a Naked Running Band!
    I also love that you can use it to attach your poles. That’s definitely a big plus.

    • The sizing does seem to have to be spot doesn’t it! Hopefully the elasticicity holds in mine for a many more years to come as I imagine it would be annoying sliding around.

      Yes, the running poles attachment is great, especially for elevation rich events where there are plenty of checkpoints and you don’t need much carry capacity.


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