TrailFly Ultra G 280 Review Update

This is a quick post and update Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 280 review which I did a first impressions review of over here.

After a few hundred kilometers of running mixed trail and terrain I am posting a mini review update.

The Bad

I have found that I don’t get the Inov-8s out as often any more. Sadly, they just don’t perform well enough for me on wet rock and stone surfaces. In fact, they are really slippery in many conditions. There have been multiple occassions where I have lost traction on small rocks or embedded stones on the trail.

Starting off, I know that the brand has a reputation for good fell running and mud gripping trail shoes. However, I feel like Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 280 are a bit of a let down in many different conditions. Specifically, I have found that they have poor grip performance on any sort of wet rock or stone.

I mean, you can’t be expected to not come across stones and small rocks on the ells around the UK.

If you don’t land more or less perpendicular on a wet surface like a large-ish stone or small, flat rock, you can very easily lose your footing.

There have been multiple occassions now where my foot follow through backwards after hitting a wet surface have slipped out (with me almost going over). It is more rare to slip out on the landing phase, but it has happened to me there too.

I’m now finding myself instinctively much more cautious when wearing these shoes. Honestly, they don’t inspire a lot of confidence on the trails I tend to run.

The Good

On the plus side, they are comfortable, perform well in mud, and the 8mm drop does feel nice going up hills and steeper terrain. I just don’t think these are good enough points to offset the poor grip on any surface other than mud and clay.

One other condition I felt they performed quite well in was fresh, unpacked snow.

So that is my mini Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 280 review update. I hope it is useful for anyone that is considering this shoe.

In summary, I still think they’re great, but only if you are running exclusively on mud or fresh snow.

2 thoughts on “TrailFly Ultra G 280 Review Update”

  1. Oh, that’s a tricky one! There will always be slippery stones on any trail… I guess it’s a question about which condition dominates on a given day: snow/mud or stones.
    It’s a good thing that you have other shoes to use as an alternative.

    Oh, and I got a mail notification of this post at 4.10pm yesterday. Yay, it’s fixed! 🙂

    • Yes, tricky indeed! For me I will still use these shoes till they’re worn out, but will be selective of when – only for dry trails, or exclusively grass/mud/clay trails. I still really like their bouncy/cushiony feel.

      I’m super pleased the notifications are working now – thanks for confirming Catrina. My test subscription account also got an e-mail notification which I was pleased to see. Thanks again for pointing this out – I would never have noticed otherwise.

      I saw you’re had a little tester run session today – happy to see that! I hope things get progressively better for you this year 🤞


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