And Into The Forest I Go – A Short Visual Story

This is a quick post about a short inspirational trail running video I made titled “And into the forest I go”.

The title is part of a trail running quote by John Muir.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul

John Muir

Watch the short 3-4 minute video embedded below. Be sure to go full screen and enable 4K quality if you have the bandwidth available!

The video is a series of different trail runs over a bunch of different seasons. They are all filmed in my local area around the South Downs National Park in England.

It is meant to be soothing, yet simultaneously inspiring. The “short story” here demonstrates what I find so great about trail running – you go out into nature, lose your busy or stressful thoughts, and can do some soul searching or meditation.

One of trail running’s great aspects for me is that of meditation. Some might think I sound crazy saying that. A typical trail run for me is:

  • At least 10km, but more often that not, around 15km. On weekends or days where I get more time I’ll do half marathon distances or more.
  • A decent bit of elevation with hills.
  • Windy, interesting trails on dirt, trail and rocks.
  • Lots of mud (in the wetter months).
  • Getting soaked through in the wetter months – I don’t let the rain or bad weather stop me from getting out.
  • Lots of sweat

How is all of the above this relaxing!? For those of you who are runners, or have passed the initial point in running where it feels like a ‘chore’, you’ll understand well.

Trail Running Benefits

Running, or trail running in my case will pretty much always result in a healthy dose of endorphins afterward. I love the good feelings that follow after a good session out on the trails.

Not only this, but after running for one, two, or more hours your mind kind of “empties itself”. For me personally this is the ultimate meditative state. I strive for this state of mind, and the best part is, it takes at least an hour or so of hard running work to get there!

It’s a win-win situation. Not only are you getting great physical and cardiovascular exercise. You’re also clearing your mind and building a stronger mental state.

If you haven’t yet, scroll back up to the short video above and give it a watch. I hope you get some form of inspiration after watching it!

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